Tips for Surviving Moving Day


Got a new job? Work relocating you? Or maybe you just want a change of scenery–whatever the reason for your upcoming move, make sure to follow these handy tips so you can stay one step ahead AND keep your sanity.

Use it or lose it

Get a jump-start on packing in the months leading up to your move by employing a “use it or lose it” mentality. In addition to forcing you to identify your must-keep belongings, it helps you use up a lot of excess items like frozen foods, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, toiletries and other items that don’t pack well. This is also a good method to keep in mind as you sort through clothes, handbags, bedding and other things that have been forgotten.

Pack by room

It may be tempting to put all your pictures into one box, but experts say people keep track of their belongings best by remembering where they were in the house. Utilize this same memory trick and box your home according to room. Another helpful trick is to color code boxes using bright moving stickers so you can immediately identify which boxes belong to which room. This will also help you stay organized, especially in the aftermath of moving.

Not all boxes are created equal

Choosing the right box is crucial to moving efficiently and ensuring your possessions stay safe over the long journey. Heavy things like books should go in smaller boxes with sturdy sides and edges. This makes them more manageable to carry. Lighter items like clothes, bedding and pillows should go in large boxes. Use medium-sized boxes for things like kitchen appliances, toys and electronics.

Moving with pets

To ensure their safety, put animals in a blocked off area (using a baby gate) so they become a spectator of the action yet safely out of the commotion. Putting them in an isolated room could cause them further stress since they know something is happening and can’t see it. Make sure they have food, water and, of course, their favorite toys to keep them occupied.

Hopefully these tips will minimize the stress for everyone involved.

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